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Book buying spree

I confess that I’ve finally taken advantage of Borders’ misfortune tonight. Only a few days left of the administrator’s sale and they’re taking 90% off. I don’t have the emotional strength to resist 90% off.

I’ve been wanting to try a Manga novel for a while so at a low-risk investment of $5 a pop I bought Free Runners and Vampire Doll. I only realised when I got them home that what I thought was the front cover is in fact the back cover, hence why it had the blurb on it. So I’ll be reading backwards which should be an interesting experience.

And I couldn’t resist Source – Nature’s Healing Role in Art and Writing by Janine Burke. Can’t wait to read it.  

I’ve just started reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog. Enjoying it so far.

I really just need another life dedicated solely to reading. I need more time. Much more time.

Did you buy a book today? Going to buy one tomorrow? Tell us about it.


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